Janilaine Mainprize....Artist

About me...

My art is an outcome of my “findings”…. Inspired by the “things”  I see, feel and find both physically and emotionally when out and about. Combining mixed media alongside found objects enables me to explore these connections and create a personal response, the outcome frequently resulting in assemblage, sculptural and relief pieces

By incorporating a variety of art disciplines and manipulating materials such as cloth and flotsam & jetsam I find that the challenge of bringing together different materials is often a journey on its own.  Like artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Cornelia parker and Joseph Cornell, I too balance the visual, physical and historical content, the connection of elements being an integral and vital ingredient.

These careful collaborations make me more aware of how I have to rely upon the aesthetics of juxtaposition. I feel strongly that as an artist, my personality is a key element of the finished product.  My fresh interpretations, relationships and links breathe new verve, virtues and significance into old and sometimes forgotten items and belongings.

My awareness of, and relationship with my surroundings is very important to both my work and to me and through these connections I seek to create and share new or renewed interpretations. By involving its previous life and history I try to recall distant memories, re-visit forgotten times, I then connect and create to share in the present. I am interested in how the fragility of my environment resonates with my personal experiences. My work often holds an internal narrative that I don’t always choose to share and I am constantly surprised by the links I find between these materials and how they evoke emotions and memories for the viewer or myself.

The ever-changing sense of time, memory and the shifting of values fascinates me.….as a result of these small yet unique discoveries I unearth a little more of myself.



All artwork, photography, text and design is ©2011 Janilaine Mainprize. All rights reserved.